Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#123: Bleakjaja (w/ Cindy Aravena, Vanessa Gritton, & Anna Valenzuela)

bleak 123 art.png

Matt and Kevin kick off this week's episode by talking about another instance of someone getting Matt's name wrong and auditioning for children's television. Then, the comedy witches from Unpops' own Brujaja Podcast (Cindy Aravena, Vanessa Gritton, and Anna Valenzuela) join the fellas to chat about triumphs at the 2018 Oscars, black market adoptions, and a cat that ate too many hair ties. Plus, free-spirit Bethany and social justice chola Kry BB return to the show alongside their real estate agent Tiffany Santiago to try to find an affordable house that meets their many curious demands! This episode is brought to you by GhostBriefs.