Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#118: A Myriad of Sexy Maniacs! (w/ John Fahy & Aaron Pita)

bleak 118 art.png

Matt and Kevin begin this jam-packed episode with some lighthearted banter about laundry and sexual assault in comedy. Then, get ready for a whole bunch of guests, dear listener! Starting things off is the return of pansexual pick up artist guru Heath Barcelona and his acolyte Randy Rigg who talk to the boys about the AVNs and their new institute of higher learning. Next, the Bleak Boys meet infamous porn duo Amber Alert and Max Load, who tell them all about their sexy history in the industry. Finally, underground London phenomenon Spitman and his gentleman benefactor Fiverguy stop by to tell Matt and Kevin all about their curiously beautiful business relationship. Plus, these two other weirdos linger about and make things uncomfortable for everyone!