Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#119: 8-Ball at Chet's (w/ Adam Tod Brown & Chet Wild)

bleak 119 art.png

The Bleak Boys kick off this episode with a riveting discussing of Kevin's dabbling in mean Facebook rap and a classic case of Holocaust denial within the Republican party. Then, comedian / podcast godfather Adam Tod Brown from the Unpopular Opinion network returns to the show alongside comedian / first time guest Chet Wild to chat with the fellas about Chet's terrible introduction to marijuana, share some boozed up anecdotes, and learn what it's like to have a 90's alternative rock band play in one's living room. Plus, professional knock-knock joke teller Phil Gabriel stops by the studio to talk with Matt, Kevin, and Adam about his aggressively long career telling very specific one-liners, explain how he wins an unresponsive crowd back, and accuse a few people of joke-thievery! Also, Chet finds out when this episode drops.