Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#093: Love in the Time of Heartworm (w/ Ken Cosby & Brian Cox)

Welcome back to Dogthrob in Review!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin give a shout out to a very special ex-listener, Kevin talks about a show where he performed for a weird bus of children, and Matt goes HARD on the alt-right.  Then, comedian / man of the theater Ken Cosby drops by the studio to talk with the guys about hacky "My Wife" comedians, sex positivity in comedy, and how the black community might be able to solve the neo-nazi crisis.  Plus, 2017 Beer Pong Championships: Furry Division winner Chad Dogthrob joins the show to teach the guys about separating his specific animal preferences from his family name, tell the origin story of his sexual awakening, and maybe learn a thing or two about himself along the way!