Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#087: Insane Clown Poetry (w/ Simon Gibson & Adam Allgood)

Matt and Kevin return to practice some of their "kind of, maybe" form of improv while covering the topics of promethazine and colloquial phrases.  Then, the very funny Simon Gibson stops by the studio for the first time to chat with the boys about a recent Tinder mystery, growing up in the diverse landscape of Portland, and how he outgrew his affinity for bad, angry music.  Then, previously unrecorded freestyle poet Peebo "Adam" Marmoux joins the podcast to talk about his uncommon poetic tendencies,  the pros and cons of being such a sporadic wordsmith, and to drop some spontaneous stanzas in what can only be described as the highest of art segments to ever be recorded for Bleak in Review!