Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#083: A Kavalcade of Kooks (w/ John Fahy & Aaron Pita)

Matt and Kevin are back, and what a time to be back indeed!  In this episode, the fellas chat about Matt's recent trip to an art gallery, which prompts a discussion about how they each absorb unconventional art.  Then, a GUEST BONANZA begins, starting with everyone's favorite pansexual pick-up artist Heath Barcelona and his top student Randy Rigg, who hop in the studio to update the guys on the spread of the gospel of Total Social Domination.  Next, the guys speak with the tormented spirits of John B. Macklemore and John B. Macklemore Again, who discuss their existence within a torturous, timeless loop and the REAL story behind their backyard maze.  Finally, Matt and Kevin talk to Otto and Axel, inter-dimensional Nazi tourists, who talk about their vacation to present-world 2017, what life is like in their dimension (hint: a certain World War may have gone another way), and what they plan to do with their remaining time on this Earth!