Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#076: Down with the Government and Stuff (w/ Kathryn Claypool & Kevin Noonan)

Bleak in Review returns with more hot takes!  In this episode, Matt tells Kevin about a particularly enlightening train ride, and Kevin tells Matt about his recent experience with guns in North Carolina.  Then, host of the New Mood View show Kathryn Claypool stops by to chat with the guys about varying degrees of marijuana tolerance, her weekly live-stream event (and how much Kevin missed out by not being there), and how all three of them met many years ago in Skid Row.  Then, returning fan favorite / noted Kevin Anderson-hater Richard Tracy Morgan joins the 'cast, but he's not alone!  Everyone also gets to meet Mr. Morgan's newest client, Sir Ian Rubbish, who tells them all about coming up in the UK punk scene, why it took him so long to get back into making music, and the suspicious political motivations of his work!