Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#072: Pig-Dom Hearts (w/ Becca Greenberg & Chris Crittenden)

Matt and Kevin once again appear on the auditory horizon!  In this episode, Kevin congratulates Matt on a Tweet, and the two discuss the absurdity of diamonds as well as Kevin's brief run-in with too much marijuana.  Then, comedian / LADY OF THE THEATRE Becca Greenberg stops by to chat about the best malls in America, her first gig as a fake archaeologist at a museum, and how her first brush with comedy at a young age lead to a life of chuckles.  Then, Hermit the Frog "hops" onto the podcast to talk about his delivery service job, give the inside scoop on his brother's sex life, and discuss the issue of rising above the memes in an anti-frog political climate.