Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#070: Fart Machines (w/ Travis Clark & Joe Kaye)

Bleak returns to your ear-holes with a truly giggle-filled installment!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin discuss what to do in case one of them goes missing, as well as the aesthetics of a good assassination and a rowdy bar show Kevin did recently.  Then, comedian / musician Travis Clark aka Clean Face Clark stops by to pitch his new jingle for Fart Machines, tell a story about scaring the mailman with a gun, and drop some SERIOUS Disneyland knowledge.  Then, Professor of Hallucinogenic Studies Harold Boots-Wittifer stops by the show to chat about dank nugs, a field trip to Disneyland Paris, and his hopes and dreams for future psychedelic research.  Plus, as an extra special bonus, comedian Joe Kaye stops by with moon fanatic / baker Kenny Boots to chat about Stonehenge, moon conspiracies, and the joy of baking!  Also, EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE of the new single from Fart Machines at the end of the podcast!