Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#067: Sleep-Woke With Me (w/ Vanessa Gritton & Cindy Aravena)

Bleak is back!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin try to figure out how to make the shortest podcast ever to expand their podcast empire before discussing several types of awkward interactions with strangers on the street.  Then, comedian and Bleak in Review's original guest Vanessa Gritton (from Unpopular Opinion, Bee's Not a People, etc) joins the show to mock Kevin's strange sleeping habits, pinpoint the worst thing she's ever called a bed, and discuss the importance of building a strong community among LA's female comic population.  Then, social justice chola Kry BB hops on the 'cast to chat with the group about how her social media presence got her kicked out of a menacing gang, some of the causes that she's currently fighting for, and how she does her "safe, white voice" in times of trouble.