Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#066: Marches From The Sea (w/ Josh Sargent & Andy Sell)

Bleak in Review appears once again in your podcasting applications!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin discuss the concept of "Trump-Weight," a very angry email Kevin received regaring Lady Gaga, and an inspiring parade in which Matt was recently swept up.  Then, comedian / writer Josh Sargent joins the show to chat with the gang about a church that tried to lure him in, what it's like to grow up at sea, and even sing a sea shanty with Kevin.  Plus, retired professional protester Chet Roy Picketson stops by to teach the youth of today about how the old timers used to protest, as well as spin some yarns about his most proud moments and why he had to get out of the protesting-for-pay business.