Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#107: Gush Limbaugh (w/ Cindy Aravena)

bleak 107 art.png

After a bit of a holiday delay (holi-delay?), Bleak is back in your earholes with more zany audio antics! Matt and Kevin talk about measuring time via Twitter-foibles, Matt's trip back home (complete with a local history lesson), and Kevin's trip to Las Vegas. Then, comedian / podcaster/ returning pal Cindy Aravena joins the show to share some stories about childhood treats that don't hold up, her own experiences in Las Vegas, a terrible man who attended her stand-up show, and Kevin's attempt at physical humor onstage. Plus, cattle rustler Colt stops by to chat about life on the range and meet up with his new drinking buddy, former-deathmatch-fighter-turned-aspiring-leg-model Gene Pantsman! The goofery is strong with this one, so strap in, dear listener!