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#100: The 100th Episode Guestacular! (w/ Whitney Melton, Vanessa Gritton, Greg Gonzalez, Jorge Riverol, Kevin Noonan, Nadav Fleisher, & Cindy Aravena)

bleak 100 art.jpg

Holy Bleak, it's the 100th episode!  In this overbooked episode, Matt and Kevin sit down with guest cohost Whitney Melton to discuss the rise of the Bleak empire over the last 100 episodes, as well as the coming technological singularity and the disgusting chocolate wine that Whitney once again brought to the studio.  Then, a parade's worth of friends stops by: comedians Vanessa Gritton and Greg Gonzalez play a fun game from Vanessa's childhood, Richard Tracy Morgan phones in from a very scary location, Mexican tribute-comedian Gilberto Gohttfrido tells some probably offensive jokes, butler Archibald Fontaine hints at the demise of Kevin and Matt once more, and (hot celebrity name drop) Ursula the Sea Witch stops by to read some scenes from her new pilot.  Huzzah!