Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#103: Pure Rat Cum (w/ Hana Michels & Erik Barnes)

bleak 103 art.png

The Bleak Boys are back and you know that can never be bad!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin reminisce about their trip to Jumbo's Clown Town and Kevin tells a story about a drunken heckler who attempted assault at his open mic. Then, returning champion Hana Michels sits down with the fellas to chat about being a comedian with therapist parents, her new Patreon for terrible men, and one time when a man's anger at her was pitched to Conan for some reason.  Plus, alternative insurance salesman Lawrence Phuckman stops by the studio to say nay to conventional insurance, pitch a myriad of very specific policies, and try to get Matt and Kevin to sign a lot of stuff with their blood!