Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#102: Bukowski Buck Hunter (w/ Kyle Chrise & Evan Kessler)

bleak 102 art.png

Bleak in Review returns with an embarrassing voicemail from Matt to Kevin, as well as a discussion of Matt's terrible sleep schedule and Kevin's internet outrage.  Then, comedian / musician Kyle Chrise stops by to chat about his soon-to-be-released comedy EP "Kyle Chrise is Fake News", his time spent creating said Fake News for a living, and being a musician-zombie in New York for many years.  Speaking of music, the world's ___ Rod Stewart impersonator Stod Rewart stops by the studio to chat with the guys about basing his career around a very specific era of Rod Stewart songs, the competitiveness of the musical impersonator scene, and an inappropriate child's costume that was recently taken off the market!  Innit?