Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#061: What We Hate About Casual Perverts (w/ Jake Cannon, Greg Gonzalez, & Daniel Zafran)

Happy New Bleak to us all!  Matt and Kevin welcome you to 2017 with some hot riffs about when comedy ceases to amuse and try out their best Bill Clinton impressions.  Then, esteemed comedian Jake Cannon joins the show to talk about the origins of his controversial podcast "What I Hate About You", performing alongside a Christian homeless person as part of a two-man show, and how to get big name comics to secretly perform on a show.  Then, casual perverts Gob and Giopold drop by the studio to chat with the guys about their favorite places in which to creep, their old barbershop quartet, and why they don't consider themselves to be criminals, but seem to be big fans of Jake Cannon.