Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#046: Big Edward Hockey (w/ Cindy Aravena & Francois Ham)

In this episode, Matty B and K-Slice aka Matt Brousseau and Kevin Anderson talk some shop about extermination, as well as vividly remember the worst drunk alive who visited Killer Mic recently.  Then, comedian Cindy Aravena joins the show to talk about some recent cancer-related comedy controversy, obnoxious religion vs. obnoxious atheism, and a creepy guitar teacher from years ago.  She also shows off her amazing Louis Armstrong C.K. impression!  Plus, a mysterious Matt Brousseau-expert by the name of Francois Ham emerges from the shadows to bring to light some new information about ol' Matty B's past, present, and future in a segment called Hey That's Me!