Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#048: A Whisper of Cali Deuces (w/ Joe Kaye & Ryan O'Toole)

Matt and Kevin kick off this episode of Bleak in Review by talking COMEDY POLITICS, including a recent late night show debacle and a small child with a blossoming career.  Then, comedian Joe Kaye stops by to dish out the realness regarding reality TV, as well as talk about his time at theater camp and a cultish immersive theater experience in which he's been partaking.  Plus, everyone's favorite insufferable millennial Trent Larson (@TheTrentIsTooDamnHigh) joins the show to chat with the guys about where he's been instead of interning, create some more Twitter handles, and hype his blossoming career as a stand up comedian.  Then, everybody goes head to head in an impromptu game of Your Tweet Sucks!