Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#043: One With the Shuttlecock (w/ Adam Tod Brown & Vanessa Gritton)

Bleak in Review is back, and what a time to be back it is!  In this episode, Matt tells Kevin about some depressing sports cards he found in the bushes, which launches the guys into a discussion about hot sauce retirement.  Then, comedian, writer, and host of the Unpopular Opinion podcast Adam Tod Brown stops by Wilton Ranch to tell some stories about his long career in comedy writing for sites like and Playboy!  He also talks about being robbed, moving all over the country, and how he manages to avoid procrastination.  Then, vegan mystic Girl Fieri joins the show to update Bleak on her bleak situation, as well as help Adam, Matt, and Kevin figure out if an 80's jam has hidden swear words in the lyrics.  Plus, comedian Vanessa Gritton pops in to learn what a shuttlecock is!