Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#037: A Blinking Light From a Forgotten Mouse (w/ Katie Merriam, AJ Salas, & Matt Stauter)

Bleak in Review welcomes you back to the podcast once again with open arms and tired brains!  In this installment, Matt and Kevin talk about the "comedy" class that recently attended the open mic that Matt was hosting, as well as Kevin's recent trip to LA's Magic Castle.  Then, comedian Katie Merriam aka Kitty Miramax stops by Wilton Place to reveal that she, too, is exhausted, as well as engage in discussions about the proper footwear for gun enthusiasts, how often her name is butchered on comedy fliers, and growing up in the wake of a wild older sibling.  She also tries to seduce Kevin's girlfriend via podcast!  Plus, twin YouTube sensations Baby and Ray B. Focaccia stop by to describe some of their most important socially conscious prank videos, as well as talk about their upbringing and hint at how they're going to blow America's mind next!