Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#039: Cerebral Punsy (w/ Ethan Stanislawski & Whitney Melton)

In this episode, the Bleak Boys take a moment to shout out to their dedicated fans!  Then, Kevin tells Matt about his recent ash-scattering trip, which of course leads to a discussion about Pokemon Go, and Matt tells Kevin about his recent experience on Twitch.  Next, comedian and baseball-guy Ethan Stanislawski joins the show to create a killer Game of Thrones fan theory, as well as chat about their nervous tics, some memorable Hollywood crushes from ages past, old-timey scumbag baseball players and managerial simulations.  Plus, Kevin and Ethan go head to head in a battle of puns!  Then, former smut expert / current tech expert Whitney Melton stops by the show to talk about some exciting new technology on the horizon, but something else seems to be weighing on his mind.  Could it be smut related?  Listen and find out!