Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#035: Take a Slide Like a Child (w/ Chris Crittenden & Kelly McInerney)

Welcome to another hot episode of Bleak in Review!  In this sweaty installment, Kevin tells Matt about his recent experience with mountain culture in Big Bear, CA, and Matt talks about wooden phallic symbols and the official third gender.  Then, comedian Chris Crittenden joins the show to reminisce with Kevin about their recent trip, which includes stories about alpine slides, the right way to take drugs as an adult, and new ways to apply the choose-your-own-adventure novel to life.  Chris also talks about his battle with cancer and why a prosthetic testicle is not a wise purchase.  Plus, a confused little boy named Logan and his mother stop by what they think is The Voice to sing some songs and tell some stories about their curious home life!