Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#032: High School Gorilla Warfare (w/ Kym Kral & Phil Gould)

Bleak in Review is back in full effect!  In this episode, Matt tells Kevin all about his mini comedy tour in the bay area of California, and Kevin describes a recent pizza shortage at a show before the two launch into a discussion about little league.  Then, current comedian / former child athlete Kym Kral joins the show to further the conversation about high school sports.  Kym also talks to the guys about her voiceover career, the ethics of animal slaughter, and her uncanny fear of rabbits.  Plus, returning advice-givers Brian Borgbomp and his life coach Jerry Something join the show for another installment of You're Doing It Wrong!, in which they update Bleak on their living situation, talk about some promising new career aspirations in politics and improv, and even terrify the hell out of Matt's neighbors!