Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#031: DJ Live Band & The Bad News Bears (w/ Aaron Pita & Matthew Eikelberger)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  In this episode of Bleak in Review that is not at all holiday themed, Kevin talks about an awkward backyard show he did for his girlfriend's extended family, and he and Matt reminisce on their 4/20 show as well as the filthy ways in which they live their lives.  Then, comedian and former DJ Aaron Pita joins the show to talk about Aaron's short lived DJ career, musical festival culture, the conspiracy of oil-covered ducks, and to drop some straight up STD science. Plus, news expert Matthew Eikelberger drops by the Wilton Ranch to discuss TWO insane news stories - one about a stillborn human-goat hybrid, and the other about a teacher who was fired for using anatomically correct terms during an art lesson.  Watch out for bad news bears!