Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#030: The 4/20 Musical Spectacular! (w/ Dan Patronilo, Alex Ortega, & Phil Kemp)

A happy belated 4/20 to all of society's least dangerous drug abusers!  Matt and Kevin cordially welcome you one week late to their special 4/20 episode, in which they discuss Matt's recent run in with a receptive crowd in a dingy dive bar, and Kevin airs some grievances about prescription medication.  Then, Dan Patronilo and Alex Ortega from A Pint of Cacophony stop by to talk about the origins of their musical podcast, dirty video game Easter Eggs, screening calls for a local radio station, and share some of their favorite 4/20 memories.  Plus, comedian / singer-songwriter Phil Kemp stops by the Wilton Place to talk to the guys about his wayward lifestyle and pluck some tunes on his banjo about marijuana and pubic hair, among other things.  Puff and puff, but do not pass on this episode!