Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#026: Raising the BARS! (w/ Blane Laramie & Leo Martinez)

Bleak In Review is back! Kevin's falling apart due to an illness and Matt is dealing with dirty work dishes and friendships going awry. It sounds like a rough time for the Bleakers, but have no fear! Venturan comedian and podcaster Blane Laramie joins the show to talk about comedy in the 805, their favorite squid jokes, and the best animals to send into space. Plus, news expert and BARS-enthusiast Leo Martinez drops by the show to talk about a roving gang of battle rappers who have been threatening passersby in Massachusetts during another segment of This Just In...LOL! Then, Blane hops back on the 'cast with Leo to weigh in on police abuse, graffiti, and Leo's political Facebook persona!