Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#025: In Conversation with Matt and Kevin

Get ready for a very special Bleak in Review!  For the 25th episode, Matt and Kevin invite no guests onto the show, and instead spend some extra time catching up on one another's lives.  They discuss the best way to leave social interactions, what's been going on at their respective day jobs, and engage in some good ol' fashioned movie and comedy talk.  Then, right when Matt is about to launch into his dissertation on bedding, a technical glitch allows the morning zoo radio show of Skip Harjopolis and Wendell Jeans to bleed through the airwaves into Wilton Place!  Skip and Wendell talk traffic, politics, and take some calls from some of Los Angeles' most hopeless individuals before the frequency is corrected and Matt and Kevin return to close out the show.