Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#023: This American Side-Hustle (w/ Brendan Cooney & Robbie Goodwin)

Happy Bleak to us all!  In this 23rd episode of the podcast, Matt tells Kevin all about a hallucinagenic kayaking trip he went on recently, which then launches them into a discussion about bird-proofing planes and how being a comedy host gives you the freedom to avoid boring conversations.  Speaking of boring conversations, comedian Brendan Cooney then joins the show to NOT have one of those with Matt and Kevin!  They talk about Brendan's haircuts of the past, his semi-professional careers as a dog walker and a political campaign assistant, and his comedic confidence in Virginia versus California.  Plus, self-proclaimed Donald Trump expert and undiagnosed schizophrenic Tronald Dump joins the show to talk 2016 elections with the Bleakers, as well as release some exclusive "Trump Facts" about his favorite candidate.  Will they be visited by his other personalities as well?  Listen and find out!