Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#018: The Kings of Content (w/ Ronald Metellus & Domenic Padulo)

In this barely legal episode of Bleak In Review, Matt tells Kevin about a record he just picked up, which, of course, launches them into a discussion about the intricacies of heaven.  Then, comedian and game show visionary Ronald Metellus travels from Philadelphia to Los Angeles specifically to Bleak it out!  Ronald chats with the boys about being commissioned by Kanye West to write about how amazing his music is, shares some stories from the Philly comedy scene, and even lays down to rules for a new Bleak in Review drinking game!  Plus, our favorite auteur Domenic Padulo joins the show for another segment of CineMEH! in which he breaks down the Oscar nominations / snubs, the great Star Wars v. Tarantino conspiracy of 2015, and the tragedy that is binge-viewing culture.  Are you still watching?  Drink!