Kevin Anderson

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#017: The Drone and The Bread Bandit (w/ Richard Park & Radostin Zahariev)

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of Bleak In Review!  This episode finds Matt and Kevin discussing the tired concept of the "parody" film and leaves them questioning where the industry is headed.  They also mourn the loss of Alan Rickman and wonder about the mortality of British celebrities.  Then, Richard Park joins the show to talk with the Bleak Squad about how he's hidden his current life as a comedian and background actor from his parents for two years.  They also try to find out whether or not Richard is autistic, and Kevin and Richard go blow-for-blow regarding who was a bigger kleptomaniac in their youth.  Plus, global news correspondent Radostin Boris Zahariev calls in to the show from North Korea to let us know about some important world events, like a ban on horse-drawn carriages in Bulgaria, and provides us with another one of the hilarious jokes of his people.