Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#016: Kick Rocks, Jewanna Man! (w/ Adam Feuerberg & Kevin Noonan)

Welcome to another saucy episode of Bleak In Review!  In this sixteenth installment of madness, Matt and Kevin and Matt eulogize the recently deceased legend David Bowie and discuss the stresses of throwing fake parties for friends.  Plus, Matt finally tells his famous Hollywood story about sharing a bathroom with Jon Lovitz.  Then, comedian Adam Feuerberg joins the 'cast to talk about auditioning for Playboy TV, various conspiracies like What's App and the moon, and great moments in sports.  Plus, Adam tells the boys about his recent trip to Las Vegas and pitches his idea for a Peyton Manning-themed sitcom.  As if that wasn't enough, fate expert Richard Tracy Morgan joins the show to tell Matt and Kevin about his recent stroke of luck with the Powerball jackpot and what he plans to do with his riches.  This episode gets a little tipsy, so plan accordingly!