Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#015: Makin' Moves and Hashin' Tags (w/ Quincy Johnson II & Ryan O'Toole)

Welcome to episode 15 of Bleak In Review!  In this psychologically satisfying installment of the podcast, Matt and Kevin discuss the absurdity of supermarkets throwing away entire chickens and the frustration of people who pretend to want to come to comedy shows.  Then, comedian and hustle expert Quincy Johnson II joins the Bleak crew to discuss separating Bill Cosby the entertainer from Bill Cosby the creep, the struggles of working in customer service in a city full of monsters, and the strangest bathrooms in which he's had sex.  He also schools Matt and Kevin with some DIY knowledge that he's applied to his blossoming comedy career.  Plus, entrepreneur Trent Larson stops by the Wilton Place to give his pitch to become the new social media manager for Bleak In Review, as well as discuss why he was not allowed to attend UCLA and his dubious methods of viral marketing.  Will he be hired?  Find out now!