Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

Bonus Episode I: The Pilot (w/ Curtis "Byrtis" Kemp)

Matt and Kevin welcome you from opposite sides of the country to their first ever bonus episode!  Take a trip in time back to September 2015 and listen to the first ever attempt to record Bleak In Review!  In this pilot, Kevin discusses the problems of sharing your name with an internet creep and Matt tells some tales about life as a production assistant.  Then, musician and all around decent chap Curtis "Byrtis" Kemp joins the show to talk about gated communities and his musical influences.  Matt, Kevin, and Curtis then launch into a primitive version of This Just In...LOL! in which they discuss a cloaked man who has been reported to be leaving raw meat in strange places.  This episode ends abruptly due to technological errors, but whaddaya want?  It's a BONUS!