Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#010: I've Said No To More Powerful Men (w/ Chad Lurie & Domenic Padulo)

Double digits have been achieved!  In the tenth episode of Bleak In Review, Matt and Kevin sit down to discuss a recent bomb "threat" at Los Angeles' famous Laugh Factory comedy club, and Matt tells Kevin about a new stand up comedy show / puppy adoption going on at the Wilton Place.  Then, Chad Lurie (comedian, reality TV paper pusher, new dad) stops by to chat with the guys about the quality of their business cards, the financial nightmare of drinking in Los Angeles, and to tell us all about the maddening, four year long adoption process with which he's almost finished.  Plus, RETURNING FAVORITE Domenic Padulo stops by the show for a segment of CineMEH, in which he pauses dramatically and tells us about a new investment in his life, as well as David Cronenberg's masterpiece "The Brood".  Who's the Duff McKagan in your life?