Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#012: An Aroma of Stew and Sin (w/ Radostin Zahariev & John Fahy)

The 12 days of Christmas?  More like the 12th episode of Bleak In Review!  In this installment of podcast mirth, Matt questions Kevin about his choice to live in Culver City and Kevin regails Matt with a story of preventing suicide during a tech support call.  Then, comedian Radostin Zahariev joins the show to talk some comedy (and day job) shop, his time spent living in exotic places like Singapore, Canada, and Fremont, CA, and shares some stories about caring for the elderly in Bulgaria.  Plus, Irish social commentator Malachy Brennan joins the Bleak Boys to discuss some current American events, including the existential despair of Donald Trump and the solution to mass shootings, in a segment called "Through Greener Eyes!"  Cheers!