Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#011: Planes, Trains, and Black Friday Deals (w/ Atif Myers & Ryan Kohler)

They've proved they can put out ten episodes, and now, in an unprecedented turn of events, the Bleak In Review crew has put out an eleventh!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin discuss Matt's recent poor decision to take a midnight train to Berkley.  Then, comedian, podcaster, and world traveler Atif Meyers joins the discussion about train-hate, but not before purchasing a TV mid-podcast.  The guys then chat about Atif's travels, from being the only kid in Saudi Arabia who did not celebrate 9/11 to him performing stand up in Korea.  They also chat about the time Atif was too skinny to be a lacrosse goalie and some epic lies he's told to escape work.  Plus, news expert Ryan Kohler stops by the show to discuss the bloody way in which some Canadian cops chose to deal with a runaway cow in another edition of This Just In...LOL!  Safe travels, everybody!