Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#007: Let's Revel In The Truth (For a Second) [w/ Evan Kessler & Whitney Melton]

Episode 007 has made it through, no thanks to Kevin's Internet Service Provider!  In this delayed episode, the guys talk about how Kevin is now employed once more, and how LA is an emotionally scattered mess of a city that they can't get enough of.  Then, comedian/writer Evan Kessler stops by the Wilton Ranch to chat with the Bleak Boys about Oregon Trail-era computer gaming, the state of online journalism in the 21st century, and to have a somewhat serious discussion about the correlation between depression and comedy.  If that sounds too solemn for you, have no fear!  Comedian and smut connoisseur Whitney Melton also hops on the 'cast to review some very green pornography in real-time with the crew.  Keep your pants on, kids!  This episode contains some plugs that are outdated.