Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#005: Daffy Duckin' It (w/ AJ Salas & Sam Panayotovich)

Grab a fifth of your favorite alcohol and enjoy the fifth episode of Bleak In Review!  In this hot ep, Matt and Kevin discuss how they've taken out some problematic words from their lexicon in an effort to evolve, as well as talk some shop about recent comedy experiences.  Then, the delightfully riffy AJ Salas (stand up comic, improvisor and celebrated Twitch streamer) stops by the Wilton Place to chat about his dedicated streamies, the somewhat recent Democratic debate, and videos he's taken in public bathrooms.  Then, AJ takes off to make way for Men's Rights Activist Jake Hymen, who talks the Bleakers through his wildly unpopular stance on gender politics.  Plus, professional sportscaster Sam Panayotovich jumps on the 'cast to talk about sports highlights from a few weeks ago and to make some predictions in a segment called "SPURTS"!  This episode contains no plugs.