Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#140: A Cesspool Story (w/ Liam McEneaney & Aubrey Jacobowitz)

bleak 140 art.png

Bleak in Review rounds out its trifecta of back to back recordings this week! The guys discuss the differences between cocaine and amphetamines in baseball as well as the failings of alt karaoke. Then, comedian Liam McEneaney joins the show to chat about youthful attempts at getting high and the issue with "themed" comedy shows, as well as help Kevin sort of understand Wall Street. Plus, millenial actress Aubrey Hepburn stops by the studio to share some hot Hollywood gossip and promote her upcoming multimedia projects! This episode is brought to you by It Wasn't Meat.

#139: Pretty Scary #Barz (w/ Adam Tod Brown & Kari Martin)

bleak 139 art.png

This week's Bleak begins with a delirious Kevin and regular Matt discussing tales of trash chute apathy. Then, comedians / podcast network pals Adam Tod Brown and Kari Martin join the show to chat about jazz killers, spelling bee foibles, and Adam's history with murder photographs. Then, thinly veiled character Rap Kari and her manager Rap Adam stop by the studio to create lyrical madness! This episode is ad free due to travel!

#138: Sad Dads in Space (w/ Dave Apkarian)

bleak 138 art.png

Bleak in Review comes to you from THE ROAD this week! Matt and Kevin kick off the episode by talking about a screaming weirdo they encountered and the state of mini tour of Clovis, CA. Then, central California comedy powerhouse Dave Apkarian joins the show to sort of spoil an old episode of Westworld, share some "Sad Dad Moments", and explain the beef between Fresno and Clovis. Plus, the guys get into a fun recap of semi-current events including the massive waste of time known as Space Force and the White House's staffing dilemmas!

#137: Pimp My Flamethrower (w/ Ed Greer & Klee Wiggins)

bleak 137 art.png

Bleak in Review returns to your podcast-holes once more! Matt and Kevin kick this episode off by discussing an alley performance and workshopping some ASMR. Then, Hollywood power couple Ed Greer and Klee Wiggins join the show to talk about failed bar rescues, the Nintendo Power Glove, and peculiar audiobook narrators. Plus, the crew gets into some "hot" current events and talk about what they would do with their "fuck you" money. This episode is brought to you by Winston Cigarettes!

#136: In Her Majesty's Secret Cervix (w/ Rivers Langley & Sameer Suri)

bleak 136 art.png

Matt and Kevin kick off this week's Bleak with a riveting discussion of birthday gaslighting and studio sleeping. Then, delightfully loquacious comedian Rivers Langley joins the show for the very first time to celebrate the magic of Fry's Electronics, talk about how he ended up announcing for an indie wrestling promotion, and recite some Shakespeare! Plus, Her Majesty herself, The Queen of England, returns to the studio for her hat trick appearance to review an Applebees and dish out some mean-spirited gossip about a certain royal wedding. This episode is brought to you by Bar Bopz!

#135: Nine Months in Broad (w/ Olivia Haidar & Theo Manhattan)

bleak 135 art.png

This week, Bleak begins with a listener-requested welfare check on announcer Wolfgang before Matt and Kevin launch into a discussion of movie shaming and drug-induced anxiety. Then, comedian Olivia Haidar returns to the show to chat with the fellas about Disneyland suicide, depressing documentaries, and the legacy of Starship Troopers. Plus, a world-renowned nameless impressionist drops by the studio to showcase his versatile repertoire of voices and lament his lack of bookings. This episode is brought to you by Gary & Gil's Gator Grill!

#134: Peon Bottom (w/ Michael James Benson & Chad Lurie)

bleak 134 art.png

Welcome Bleaklings! Matt and Kevin kick off another episode with chatter about shellfish and lazy aggression and also show off some of their best Warcraft impressions. Then, comedian Michael James Benson returns to the show to talk about people who creep out women at open mics and why he won't drive for Lyft after 10pm. Plus, the fellas dive into a new segment entitled "Dad Stories with Chad Lurie," in which the titular Chad Lurie drinks Jaeger and spins a yarn about a fascinating celebrity encounter from the 90's. This episode is brought to you by Dirk's Deadlift Hut!

#133: Soy Boy Safe Search (w/ Dani Fernandez & Ify Nwadiwe)

This week on Bleak, Matt and Kevin intro it up hard with riffs on dream anxiety and tales of new pigs. Then, funny pop-culture fanatics Dani Fernandez and Ify Nwadiwe stop by the studio to chat with the boys about their new podcast Nerdificent, their favorite Dragonball sagas, and toxic fan-ownership in the nerd community. Plus, Nigerian farmer / real estate agent T'Challa Umaka and concerned southern mother Claire Adleykorn join the show to vent about their individual legal struggles and find common ground in loving the lord. This episode is brought to you by 96.5 KOCK in the mornings with Skip Harjopolis and Wendell Jeans!

#132: Baby's First Bounty (w/ Heather Thomson & Erik Barnes)

bleak 132 art.png

Bleak in Review begins on a somber note this week as Kevin laments the passing of his precious pet to Matt and describes how the situation scarred his roommate. Then, comedian Heather Thomson joins the show to talk about her repressed pony memories, passive responses to mean crowds, and performing on a cruise to some tropical destination! Plus, pint-sized bounty hunter Piddles Winfield stops by to talk about how he got into his very adult profession, his problematic relationship, and lie about his age! This episode is brought to you by Popeye Daniel's Pot Pies!

#131: The Drug Whisperers (w/ Whitney Melton & Jorge Riverol)

bleak 131 art.png

Matt and Kevin return to your earholes with tales of travel and wonderment and a cruise ship musician who was probably on drugs. Then, comedian Whitney Melton joins the fun to discuss a festival in the desert he attended with Matt, Matt's bathroom trials in said desert, and performing for people on acid. Plus, small businessmen Bill Mikey and Andy Sociate stop by the studio to chat about their specific type of drug deals, discuss the nature of their relationship, and spill some secrets about their celebrity clients! This episode is brought to you by the Cryptokeeper!

#130: In Cola Blood (w/ Henry Epstein & Tommy Bowe)

bleak 130 art.png

Bleaklings rejoice! Matt and Kevin celebrate the 130th episode with hot riffs about the nature of crowdwork and a comedy show filled with foam. Then, comedian Henry Epstein joins the show to get read to filth by Kevin, tell stories of his artful drug usage, and stack credits for a certain Burbank-based comedy club. Plus, voice actor Robert Nickette stops by the studio and tells everyone about his terrifying journey to become the voice of Diet Coke and the troubling familial demons that spurned him to do so. This episode is brought to you by New Mom!

#129: Albanian Devils (w/ Brendan Cooney & Radostin Zahariev)

bleak 129 art.png

The Bleak Boys welcome you to this week's episode with a quick update from The Corrections Department as well as a riveting discussion of Matt and Kevin's top ways to die. Then, comedian Brendan Cooney returns to the show after a long absence to update the fellas on his comedy life, share stories from the diviest bar show in LA, and lament his tires. Plus, Bulgarian news correspondent Radostin Zahariev surprises the boys with an unexpected visit to the studio alongside his Slovakian counterpart Olo Horvath to discuss the reasons for Radostin's exile from Canada and break the hottest stories in current world news! This episode is brought to you by Party Meet People.

#128: The 4/20 OG Introspectacular! (w/ Andy Sell & Jessica Singer)

bleak 128 art.png

Matt and Kevin welcome the listener to a very hazy 4/20 edition of Bleak in Review! The boys talk about their recent tandem act on stage and Kevin's experience at a synthwave show. Then, comedian Andy Sell returns to the show to chat about choose-your-own-adventure novels, his inability to handle "upper" marijuana, and where he was at emotionally twenty years ago. Plus, "cannibuseur" Chief Bleezies wanders into the studio to drop several nuggets of stoney wisdom, tear down various establishments, and most importantly, promote weedlife. This episode is brought to you by Puff Pass!

#127: Dr. JPEG & Mr. GIF (w/ Dillon Peddicord & Sean White)

bleak 127 art.png

The Bleak Boys return with an update on Matt's crime problems, Kevin's fancy footwear, and Matt's "meh" experience at The Comedy Store. Then, comedian / body double Dillon Peddicord joins the show to chat it up about playing the backside of Zach Galifianakis, why he considers himself poison for blossoming restaurants, and a recent sexual awakening in his life. Plus, returning champion Sean White stops by for a new segment entitled Three Sheets to the Wind, in which everyone gets drunk and Sean rants about everything from news bias to racist comedian Twitter meltdowns. This episode is brought to you by Punk Rock Beers!

#126: Carl's Jr. Knockout (w/ Rob Smallwood & Atif Myers)

bleak 126 art.png

Matt and Kevin kick off this week's Bleak by telling tales of parking garage break-ins and ghostly phone calls. Then, comedian Rob Smallwood stops by the studio to chat with the fellas about being bullied by lifeguards, therapeutic fight videos, and meeting a real-life diamond thief. Plus, isolation expert Atif Myers joins the fun and breaks down his curiously frustrating 2018 resolution, compares some dating stats with Rob, and praises his swole legs!

#125: Shred Lightly (w/ Ethan Stanislawski & Kevin Noonan)

Bleak is back with a hot intro from Kevin and Matt in which they discuss horrible Facebook arguments and the recent American marches. Then, comedian Ethan Stanislawski returns to the show to chat with the guys about east coast shock jocks, their favorite sports riots, and to mourn the loss of Xanga. Plus, Matt gets a surprise when office coordinator Parker Calloway stops by with some very important documents for him to sign!

#124: Reading the Womb (w/ Chris Crittenden)

bleak 124 art.png

This week's Bleak begins with an apology to a listener's infant and a remembrance of a few quirky drunks that Matt and Kevin encountered together. Then, comedian Chris Crittenden returns to the show to chat with the boys about open court proceedings in Florida, insane customer service experiences, and expensive Icelanic hotdogs. Plus, music producer and back model Tony Ferrino stops by the studio to talk about meeting Matt in the bathroom and name-drop several clients he's worked with in both of his strangely intertwined careers. This episode is brought to you by Hello Flesh!

#123: Bleakjaja (w/ Cindy Aravena, Vanessa Gritton, & Anna Valenzuela)

bleak 123 art.png

Matt and Kevin kick off this week's episode by talking about another instance of someone getting Matt's name wrong and auditioning for children's television. Then, the comedy witches from Unpops' own Brujaja Podcast (Cindy Aravena, Vanessa Gritton, and Anna Valenzuela) join the fellas to chat about triumphs at the 2018 Oscars, black market adoptions, and a cat that ate too many hair ties. Plus, free-spirit Bethany and social justice chola Kry BB return to the show alongside their real estate agent Tiffany Santiago to try to find an affordable house that meets their many curious demands! This episode is brought to you by GhostBriefs.

#122: Soft Corn Porn (w/ Jenn Scott & Jeffrey King)

bleak 122 art.png

The Bleak Boys kick this week's episode off with another hot installment of The Corrections Department, as well as some spicy riffs on passport photos. Then, comedian / world traveler Jenn Scott joins the 'cast to chat with the fellas about being airport-famous in Japan, curious items one can find in Japanese porn stores, and the reality of public transit crimes. Then, celestial life coach Jeffrey King stops by the studio to describe his impromptu style of teaching and do some deep dives into everyone's individual emotional turmoil! This episode is brought to you by Doctors' Cigarettes!

#121: Weird Surprise Comedian (w/ Nat Baimel & Erik Barnes)

bleak 121 art.png

Welcome back, Bleaklings! In this episode, Kevin struggles through the intro as he and Matt chat it up about reconnecting friendships and film nerds on first dates. Then, comedian Nat Baimel joins the boys to talk about recording his debut comedy album "Be Nice" (available EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!), performing on an Indian reservation, and being hired to be funny in really awkward situations. Then, elderly private detective Alistair Klooman returns to the show to update the fellas on the gumshoeing business, tell the story of a very recent injury he sustained, and not understand several common terms! This episode is brought to you by most cars!