Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#076: Down with the Government and Stuff (w/ Kathryn Claypool & Kevin Noonan)

Bleak in Review returns with more hot takes!  In this episode, Matt tells Kevin about a particularly enlightening train ride, and Kevin tells Matt about his recent experience with guns in North Carolina.  Then, host of the New Mood View show Kathryn Claypool stops by to chat with the guys about varying degrees of marijuana tolerance, her weekly live-stream event (and how much Kevin missed out by not being there), and how all three of them met many years ago in Skid Row.  Then, returning fan favorite / noted Kevin Anderson-hater Richard Tracy Morgan joins the 'cast, but he's not alone!  Everyone also gets to meet Mr. Morgan's newest client, Sir Ian Rubbish, who tells them all about coming up in the UK punk scene, why it took him so long to get back into making music, and the suspicious political motivations of his work!

#075: Deceiver & The Desert Balloons (w/ Richard Park & Radostin Zahariev)

Bleak returns to give you a rare mini-interview with Wolfgang the announcer, as well as a less-rare discussion between the hosts about Matt walking a tourist with a bald joke and the concept of breaking away from one's younger self.  Then, returning comedian / animator Richard Park joins the fellas to chat about the nature of long term lying, the colorful characters one meets as a background actor, and why he decided to take a break from stand up.  Plus, global news correspondent Radostin Zahariev calls in to update the guys on his career pivot, the problem of being confused with the other famous Radostin Zahariev, and to grace the show once again with some folksy humor!

#074: Shout Out 2 Yemen (w/ Ryan Pfeiffer & Daniel Ferrell)

Bleak in Review returns! In this episode, Matt and Kevin struggle against a talk-back mic while Matt talks about an unfortunate partying incident, and Kevin tells Matt about confronting his biggest audience fear during a recent show.  Then, comedian, radio personality, and talk-back mic enthusiast Ryan Pfeiffer returns to the show to give a shout out to the fans in Yemen, as well as talk about filth, politics, and America's gig-based culture.  Then, resident curmudgeon Daniel Ferrell also returns to the show to dish out some hate about the lack of research in comedy, his neighbor, and hypocritical pronunciations around the world!

#073: The Journey of Pumpkin Head (w/ Rick Wood)

Eyyy, The Bleak Boys return over here!  In this episode, Kevin apologizes for missing a scheduled appearance due to his trip to the guinea pig farm, and he and Matt discuss their mutual experiences with early internet "shock" content.  Then, comedian and musician Rick Wood stops by to give his two cents on porn found in the woods, talk about how his interests in music and comedy led him to Los Angeles, and tell some stories about the worst bar shows he's ever done.  Rick also plays a few of his songs, including an insane musical medley that he may or may not have known was recorded!

#072: Pig-Dom Hearts (w/ Becca Greenberg & Chris Crittenden)

Matt and Kevin once again appear on the auditory horizon!  In this episode, Kevin congratulates Matt on a Tweet, and the two discuss the absurdity of diamonds as well as Kevin's brief run-in with too much marijuana.  Then, comedian / LADY OF THE THEATRE Becca Greenberg stops by to chat about the best malls in America, her first gig as a fake archaeologist at a museum, and how her first brush with comedy at a young age lead to a life of chuckles.  Then, Hermit the Frog "hops" onto the podcast to talk about his delivery service job, give the inside scoop on his brother's sex life, and discuss the issue of rising above the memes in an anti-frog political climate.

#071: Space BBs (w/ Jonathan David & Lauren Rantala)

Matt and Kevin return to the internet airwaves with another episode of Bleak in Review!  In this installment, Kevin tells Matt about his sleep problems, which launches the two into a discussion about being busy online versus real life.  Then, comedian Jonathan David joins the show to chat about finding your voice as a newer comic, the lack of merit in shock-value humor, and how he managed to overcome a dangerous addiction.  Plus, news expert Lauren Rantala returns to the show to learn the guys about the new planets, as well as discuss everyone's ideal humanity care-package for extraterrestrial life and erotic her favorite erotic fan-fiction!  There may even be some bad improv-singing!

#070: Fart Machines (w/ Travis Clark & Joe Kaye)

Bleak returns to your ear-holes with a truly giggle-filled installment!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin discuss what to do in case one of them goes missing, as well as the aesthetics of a good assassination and a rowdy bar show Kevin did recently.  Then, comedian / musician Travis Clark aka Clean Face Clark stops by to pitch his new jingle for Fart Machines, tell a story about scaring the mailman with a gun, and drop some SERIOUS Disneyland knowledge.  Then, Professor of Hallucinogenic Studies Harold Boots-Wittifer stops by the show to chat about dank nugs, a field trip to Disneyland Paris, and his hopes and dreams for future psychedelic research.  Plus, as an extra special bonus, comedian Joe Kaye stops by with moon fanatic / baker Kenny Boots to chat about Stonehenge, moon conspiracies, and the joy of baking!  Also, EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE of the new single from Fart Machines at the end of the podcast!

#069: Chuckle-Bus Moondrink! (w/ Leah Kayajanian & Erik Barnes)

Bleak returns for a very exciting 69th edition!  In this episode, Matt tells Kevin about a very sexy experience with a text-based video game, and Kevin tells Matt about a magical mystery in the closet of a castle.  Then, comedian Leah Kayajanian jumps on the pod to riff it up with the guys about a prominent figure in the alternative comedy scene, the pros and cons of doing a backyard comedy show, and why performing stand up on public transportation is a bad idea.  Then, elderly private detective Alistair Klooman stops by to talk about why he decided to become a gumshoe so late in life, offer up some confusing views on feminism, and talk about some of the curious cases he's tackled in his golden years.

#068: Are the Kids Alright? (w/ Nadav Fleisher)

The Bleak Boys are back!  Matt and Kevin start this episode off by briefly interviewing their announcer, Wolfgang, before chatting it up about THE RAIN, as well as smoking indoors and Kevin's recent bout of white privilege.  Then, comedian / world traveler Nadav Fleisher joins the show to read a poem he wrote during the intro, talk about his controversial trip to Israel, and drop some facts about animals and boy-love manga.  Later on, the gang welcomes humanitarian Geet Blurnstrum to the show to tell talk about his letter-receiving campaign, explain his baffling origin story, and make sure the kids are alright.

#067: Sleep-Woke With Me (w/ Vanessa Gritton & Cindy Aravena)

Bleak is back!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin try to figure out how to make the shortest podcast ever to expand their podcast empire before discussing several types of awkward interactions with strangers on the street.  Then, comedian and Bleak in Review's original guest Vanessa Gritton (from Unpopular Opinion, Bee's Not a People, etc) joins the show to mock Kevin's strange sleeping habits, pinpoint the worst thing she's ever called a bed, and discuss the importance of building a strong community among LA's female comic population.  Then, social justice chola Kry BB hops on the 'cast to chat with the group about how her social media presence got her kicked out of a menacing gang, some of the causes that she's currently fighting for, and how she does her "safe, white voice" in times of trouble.

#066: Marches From The Sea (w/ Josh Sargent & Andy Sell)

Bleak in Review appears once again in your podcasting applications!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin discuss the concept of "Trump-Weight," a very angry email Kevin received regaring Lady Gaga, and an inspiring parade in which Matt was recently swept up.  Then, comedian / writer Josh Sargent joins the show to chat with the gang about a church that tried to lure him in, what it's like to grow up at sea, and even sing a sea shanty with Kevin.  Plus, retired professional protester Chet Roy Picketson stops by to teach the youth of today about how the old timers used to protest, as well as spin some yarns about his most proud moments and why he had to get out of the protesting-for-pay business.

#065: Ham on the Run (w/ Lisa Chanoux & Jorge Riverol)

The Bleak Boys are back, and hoarser than ever!  Matt tells Kevin about his lung situation (thanks Killary!) and Kevin tells Matt about the subversive post that landed him in Facebook jail.  Then, comedian Lisa Chanoux joins the show to chat with the fellas about political activism, having strangers assume you're racist, and a few throwback heckler stories.  Then, Kevin almost takes a bite out of his delicious sandwich before it springs to life and talks tp everyone about how it became sentient, the long journey it took from El Paso, its time spent at the LAX protest, and the scandalous reason that it came to the studio in the first place.

#064: Alt Cross Buns (w/ Olivia Haidar & Jenn Scott)

The Bleak Boys are back for the first official "post-inauguration" podcast! In this episode, Kevin updates Matt on his peripheral legal issues and Matt updates Kevin on his living situation, which, of course, leads to a discussion about the importance of discussing politics online.  Then, the hilarious Olivia Haidar joins the show to talk with the fellas about the morality of punching Nazis, the effectiveness of marching versus destroying property, and how she stays positive during terrible events.  Then, noted food cosplayer Culinary Cathy joins the podcast to chat with everyone about her brief time spent running with a crew of cannibals, why she got into role playing as food, and the process behind some of her best work.

#063: Revel in the Truth 2: Electric Truthaloo (w/ Evan Kessler & Phil Gould)

Bleak in Review returns on inauguration day to bring you nothing political whatsoever!  Matt and Kevin instead discuss some minor legal shenanigans in which Kevin is mixed up, and how Matt feels about working on trains.  Then, the returning champion himself, comedian Evan Kessler joins the show after a long absence to update the fellas on his love life, drop some romantic revelations, and tell a tale about getting emotionally pranked via Ted Talk.  Plus, the very enigmatic and questionably motivated Dr. Werner McGerner Berner stops by the studio to introduce everyone to his revolutionary new medical clinic for extremely rare diseases, and even brings a few of his patients by to demonstrate the importance of his work.

#062: Daddy Got Booked! (w/ Ryan O'Toole, Sean Hyatt, & Tommy Bowe)

Matt and Kevin return to your earholes once again to discuss the concept of the negative review, as well as the aftermath of their recent Performing Under the Influence excursion and the ins and outs of pig latin.  Then, first time guest Ryan O'Toole joins the gang to chat about unwarranted disdain for millennials, coming up in the Florida comedy scene, and living in a meth house for years.  Then, Bleak in Review cordially welcomes two separate entities Fisher and Price to the show to talk about the non-sexual nature of the underground baby-rave scene, meta-Barneys, beard-babies, and raver nap times!

#061: What We Hate About Casual Perverts (w/ Jake Cannon, Greg Gonzalez, & Daniel Zafran)

Happy New Bleak to us all!  Matt and Kevin welcome you to 2017 with some hot riffs about when comedy ceases to amuse and try out their best Bill Clinton impressions.  Then, esteemed comedian Jake Cannon joins the show to talk about the origins of his controversial podcast "What I Hate About You", performing alongside a Christian homeless person as part of a two-man show, and how to get big name comics to secretly perform on a show.  Then, casual perverts Gob and Giopold drop by the studio to chat with the guys about their favorite places in which to creep, their old barbershop quartet, and why they don't consider themselves to be criminals, but seem to be big fans of Jake Cannon.

#060: Pictures Are a Hand's Medium (w/ Radostin Zahariev)

Happy Almost New Year!  Bleak is back and bleaker than ever, as Matt and Kevin discuss their recent holiday trips, review their respective 2016 experiences and make some half-assed resolutions for 2017.  Then, Kevin takes off to resolve an automobile incident and comedian Radostin Zahariev joins Matt to cohost the rest of the show!  They chat international travel before being joined by ex-kickboxer Gene Pantsman, who tells the fellas all about underground death fights, how he protects his legs, and his recent drastic career change.

#059: Get Thee to a Brewery (w/ Sarah Dorfman & Michael James Benson)

Bleak in Review returns right on cue!  Kevin talks about his recent trip up to Fresno for comedy purposes, which launches him and Matt into a thrilling discussion about stage credits and running the light.  Then, comedian Sarah Dorfman stops by the studio to chat with the fellas about forgettable 90's jams, the Japanese Comedy Store, and to share a startling connection with Kevin regarding a healthy snack-based delivery service.  Then, conspiracy theorist / foodie Frank Gaffs joins the show to teach everyone about some of his favorite food related mysteries and talk about some of the interesting people he's met over the past 100+ years of his life.

#058: The Brady Bong (w/ Theo Manhattan & Ethan Stanislawski)

Bleak in Review returns to your earholes once more!  This episode starts off with Matt and Kevin discussing Russian hackzorz, outrage fatigue, and hockey psychos.  Then, comedian / amateur mime Theo Manhattan joins the show to show off some of his best silent tricks, as well as dive into the dark origin story of his stage name, chat about mail crimes, and deliver some presents to Matt and Kevin!  Then, the boys get a visit from white wide receiver Tommy Ivory, who gives the inside scoop on locker room talk, what it's like to be 5'8 in the NFL, and the curious way that he and Tom Brady get stoned - but no politics!

#057: Total Social Domination (w/ Danielle Perez & Aaron Pita)

Matt and Kevin welcome you back to Bleak in Review with an enlightening discussion about flat-earthers, the politics of Cake and Dilbert, and the List of Demands Comedy Festival.  Then, comedian Danielle Perez stops by the studio to chat about the most exciting places she's ever urinated, traveling in Italy, and dealing with misguided online protests regarding her successful comedy show, Gentrification.  Plus, pick up artist Heath Barcelona joins the podcast to lay down his laws of seduction, promote some corporate sponsors, and put his method to the test during a few role playing games!

Bleak in Review is a podcast by LA comedians Matt Brousseau ( and Kevin Anderson (you're already on his website).