Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#132: Baby's First Bounty (w/ Heather Thomson & Erik Barnes)

bleak 132 art.png

Bleak in Review begins on a somber note this week as Kevin laments the passing of his precious pet to Matt and describes how the situation scarred his roommate. Then, comedian Heather Thomson joins the show to talk about her repressed pony memories, passive responses to mean crowds, and performing on a cruise to some tropical destination! Plus, pint-sized bounty hunter Piddles Winfield stops by to talk about how he got into his very adult profession, his problematic relationship, and lie about his age! This episode is brought to you by Popeye Daniel's Pot Pies!

#131: The Drug Whisperers (w/ Whitney Melton & Jorge Riverol)

bleak 131 art.png

Matt and Kevin return to your earholes with tales of travel and wonderment and a cruise ship musician who was probably on drugs. Then, comedian Whitney Melton joins the fun to discuss a festival in the desert he attended with Matt, Matt's bathroom trials in said desert, and performing for people on acid. Plus, small businessmen Bill Mikey and Andy Sociate stop by the studio to chat about their specific type of drug deals, discuss the nature of their relationship, and spill some secrets about their celebrity clients! This episode is brought to you by the Cryptokeeper!

#130: In Cola Blood (w/ Henry Epstein & Tommy Bowe)

bleak 130 art.png

Bleaklings rejoice! Matt and Kevin celebrate the 130th episode with hot riffs about the nature of crowdwork and a comedy show filled with foam. Then, comedian Henry Epstein joins the show to get read to filth by Kevin, tell stories of his artful drug usage, and stack credits for a certain Burbank-based comedy club. Plus, voice actor Robert Nickette stops by the studio and tells everyone about his terrifying journey to become the voice of Diet Coke and the troubling familial demons that spurned him to do so. This episode is brought to you by New Mom!

#129: Albanian Devils (w/ Brendan Cooney & Radostin Zahariev)

bleak 129 art.png

The Bleak Boys welcome you to this week's episode with a quick update from The Corrections Department as well as a riveting discussion of Matt and Kevin's top ways to die. Then, comedian Brendan Cooney returns to the show after a long absence to update the fellas on his comedy life, share stories from the diviest bar show in LA, and lament his tires. Plus, Bulgarian news correspondent Radostin Zahariev surprises the boys with an unexpected visit to the studio alongside his Slovakian counterpart Olo Horvath to discuss the reasons for Radostin's exile from Canada and break the hottest stories in current world news! This episode is brought to you by Party Meet People.

#128: The 4/20 OG Introspectacular! (w/ Andy Sell & Jessica Singer)

bleak 128 art.png

Matt and Kevin welcome the listener to a very hazy 4/20 edition of Bleak in Review! The boys talk about their recent tandem act on stage and Kevin's experience at a synthwave show. Then, comedian Andy Sell returns to the show to chat about choose-your-own-adventure novels, his inability to handle "upper" marijuana, and where he was at emotionally twenty years ago. Plus, "cannibuseur" Chief Bleezies wanders into the studio to drop several nuggets of stoney wisdom, tear down various establishments, and most importantly, promote weedlife. This episode is brought to you by Puff Pass!

#127: Dr. JPEG & Mr. GIF (w/ Dillon Peddicord & Sean White)

bleak 127 art.png

The Bleak Boys return with an update on Matt's crime problems, Kevin's fancy footwear, and Matt's "meh" experience at The Comedy Store. Then, comedian / body double Dillon Peddicord joins the show to chat it up about playing the backside of Zach Galifianakis, why he considers himself poison for blossoming restaurants, and a recent sexual awakening in his life. Plus, returning champion Sean White stops by for a new segment entitled Three Sheets to the Wind, in which everyone gets drunk and Sean rants about everything from news bias to racist comedian Twitter meltdowns. This episode is brought to you by Punk Rock Beers!

#126: Carl's Jr. Knockout (w/ Rob Smallwood & Atif Myers)

bleak 126 art.png

Matt and Kevin kick off this week's Bleak by telling tales of parking garage break-ins and ghostly phone calls. Then, comedian Rob Smallwood stops by the studio to chat with the fellas about being bullied by lifeguards, therapeutic fight videos, and meeting a real-life diamond thief. Plus, isolation expert Atif Myers joins the fun and breaks down his curiously frustrating 2018 resolution, compares some dating stats with Rob, and praises his swole legs!

#125: Shred Lightly (w/ Ethan Stanislawski & Kevin Noonan)

Bleak is back with a hot intro from Kevin and Matt in which they discuss horrible Facebook arguments and the recent American marches. Then, comedian Ethan Stanislawski returns to the show to chat with the guys about east coast shock jocks, their favorite sports riots, and to mourn the loss of Xanga. Plus, Matt gets a surprise when office coordinator Parker Calloway stops by with some very important documents for him to sign!

#124: Reading the Womb (w/ Chris Crittenden)

bleak 124 art.png

This week's Bleak begins with an apology to a listener's infant and a remembrance of a few quirky drunks that Matt and Kevin encountered together. Then, comedian Chris Crittenden returns to the show to chat with the boys about open court proceedings in Florida, insane customer service experiences, and expensive Icelanic hotdogs. Plus, music producer and back model Tony Ferrino stops by the studio to talk about meeting Matt in the bathroom and name-drop several clients he's worked with in both of his strangely intertwined careers. This episode is brought to you by Hello Flesh!

#123: Bleakjaja (w/ Cindy Aravena, Vanessa Gritton, & Anna Valenzuela)

bleak 123 art.png

Matt and Kevin kick off this week's episode by talking about another instance of someone getting Matt's name wrong and auditioning for children's television. Then, the comedy witches from Unpops' own Brujaja Podcast (Cindy Aravena, Vanessa Gritton, and Anna Valenzuela) join the fellas to chat about triumphs at the 2018 Oscars, black market adoptions, and a cat that ate too many hair ties. Plus, free-spirit Bethany and social justice chola Kry BB return to the show alongside their real estate agent Tiffany Santiago to try to find an affordable house that meets their many curious demands! This episode is brought to you by GhostBriefs.

#122: Soft Corn Porn (w/ Jenn Scott & Jeffrey King)

bleak 122 art.png

The Bleak Boys kick this week's episode off with another hot installment of The Corrections Department, as well as some spicy riffs on passport photos. Then, comedian / world traveler Jenn Scott joins the 'cast to chat with the fellas about being airport-famous in Japan, curious items one can find in Japanese porn stores, and the reality of public transit crimes. Then, celestial life coach Jeffrey King stops by the studio to describe his impromptu style of teaching and do some deep dives into everyone's individual emotional turmoil! This episode is brought to you by Doctors' Cigarettes!

#121: Weird Surprise Comedian (w/ Nat Baimel & Erik Barnes)

bleak 121 art.png

Welcome back, Bleaklings! In this episode, Kevin struggles through the intro as he and Matt chat it up about reconnecting friendships and film nerds on first dates. Then, comedian Nat Baimel joins the boys to talk about recording his debut comedy album "Be Nice" (available EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!), performing on an Indian reservation, and being hired to be funny in really awkward situations. Then, elderly private detective Alistair Klooman returns to the show to update the fellas on the gumshoeing business, tell the story of a very recent injury he sustained, and not understand several common terms! This episode is brought to you by most cars!

#120: Wet Cheese with a Hot Core (w/ Carlos Delgado & Joe Kaye)

bleak 120 art.png

Matt and Kevin welcome any and all new subscribers to the newest podcast on the Unpopular Opinion network, Bleak in Review! After a brief overview of what the show is, the boys have a rousing discussion about Matt's wacky rideshare experience. Then, comedian Carlos Delgado stops by the studio to chat with the fellas about HIS wacky rideshare experience, winning a comedy contest sponsored by pizza rolls, and the reason for his bicoastal lifestyle. Plus, RuPaul's Drag Race expert Joe Kaye joins the show to talk about the history of the best reality competition show in the world, share some insights into drag culture, and discuss how New York City is truly a dynamic cinematic character!

#119: 8-Ball at Chet's (w/ Adam Tod Brown & Chet Wild)

bleak 119 art.png

The Bleak Boys kick off this episode with a riveting discussing of Kevin's dabbling in mean Facebook rap and a classic case of Holocaust denial within the Republican party. Then, comedian / podcast godfather Adam Tod Brown from the Unpopular Opinion network returns to the show alongside comedian / first time guest Chet Wild to chat with the fellas about Chet's terrible introduction to marijuana, share some boozed up anecdotes, and learn what it's like to have a 90's alternative rock band play in one's living room. Plus, professional knock-knock joke teller Phil Gabriel stops by the studio to talk with Matt, Kevin, and Adam about his aggressively long career telling very specific one-liners, explain how he wins an unresponsive crowd back, and accuse a few people of joke-thievery! Also, Chet finds out when this episode drops.

#118: A Myriad of Sexy Maniacs! (w/ John Fahy & Aaron Pita)

bleak 118 art.png

Matt and Kevin begin this jam-packed episode with some lighthearted banter about laundry and sexual assault in comedy. Then, get ready for a whole bunch of guests, dear listener! Starting things off is the return of pansexual pick up artist guru Heath Barcelona and his acolyte Randy Rigg who talk to the boys about the AVNs and their new institute of higher learning. Next, the Bleak Boys meet infamous porn duo Amber Alert and Max Load, who tell them all about their sexy history in the industry. Finally, underground London phenomenon Spitman and his gentleman benefactor Fiverguy stop by to tell Matt and Kevin all about their curiously beautiful business relationship. Plus, these two other weirdos linger about and make things uncomfortable for everyone!

#117: Blood Reign Man (w/ Sean White & Nadav Fleisher)

bleak 117 art.png

Bleak babes rejoice! Matt and Kevin return to your ears this week with tales of Matt's heckler experience and Kevin's concerns about drinking too much. Then, comedian Sean White joins the boys to chat it up about handling dark material in different rooms, a recent fire that ruined his plans, and his hobby of pulling over to film arrests. Plus, the Bleak Boys' butler Archibald Fontaine returns to the show to dodge a question of a missing fortune, talk about an ill-fated institution he's founded, and get screamed at by Sean about Thanos!

#116: Scream Stretching (w/ Derrick Lemos & Katie Merriam)

bleak 116 art.png

Bleak in Review returns with a thrill and a chill as Matt tells Kevin about a few bar ghosts he encountered, and Kevin tells Matt about being class-shamed by a bathroom. Then, comedian Derrick Lemos sits down with the Bleak Boys to chat about a strange trend in white martyrdom, philosophical dietary dilemmas, and the reason he felt compelled to leave his exotic hometown. Plus, returning guest / Alex Jones' literal hellspawn Alexandra Jones appears in the studio to berate an Amazon Echo, sort of update everyone on her dad's career, and promote her new, alternative "yoga" studio in the center of the Earth!

#115: The Real Horsewives (w/ Zach Stein & Lauren Davis)

Turmoil is afoot on this week's Bleak in Review, as Kevin talks about overdosing on caffeine and Matt laments an improvised home invasion. Then, comedian Zach Stein stops by the studio to chat with the guys about the allure of electrocution, share some insane stories about attending an old-timey boarding school, and to discuss the concept of the terrible older brother. Plus, one of The Real Horsewives of the Palisades, Jocelyn LuckyChance, joins the show to talk about her popular reality show, show off some of her plastic surgery, and address some nasty allegations regarding her hoofed husband!

#114: The Jeff Sessions (w/ Jeff May & Quincy Johnson II)

bleak 114 art.png

Welcome back to Bleak in Review! Matt and Kevin kick this episode off by contemplating the future of the country and discussing another classic Matt Brousseau Celebrity Encounter. Then, comedian and podcast personality Jeff May FINALLY stops by the studio to get into it with the boys about the double edged sword of male confidence, mommy-bloggin' for Muppets, and their favorite examples of silly deaths! Plus, friend of the show and eyewitness news correspondent Quinoa Washington returns to reveal a drastic career change, hype an upcoming political mixtape, and spit some truth about the behind-the-scenes antics of the US government!

#113: Rump Tower (w/ Travis Clark & Kevin Noonan)

bleak 113 art.png

Welcome back to Blibs! Matt and Kevin start the new year off right with a good ol' fashion gab sesh about their respective holiday travels, as well as with the debut of Matt's fantastic new impression! Then, the very funny Travis Clark returns to the show to chat with the guys about his love of Disneyland (again), a mythical shipwreck beast, and his recent travels to the land of nuclear testing and government secrets. Plus, public relations consultant / freelance spokesperson Burt Buckman stops by to tell the gang about his storied career in celebrity chaos control, pitch a new line of power tools, and take credit for some very serious atrocities!