Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#149: Lifeguard Castration (w/ Katie Merriam & Sean White)

bleak 149 art.png

Matt and Kevin bring you a fresh installment of mirth this week with a medical check-up on Matt and Outback Steakhouse memories (not a sponsor). Then, comedian / world traveler Katie Merriam returns to the show to tell the guys about her recent trip to Vietnam, doing stand up in a foreign country, and the first time she realized that adults could be wrong. Plus, comedian Sean White stops by the studio for another installment of Three Sheets to the Wind, in which he tells a horrific pool-based story and rants about the current state of US politics. This episode is brought to you by Big Sal's Marital Aid Thunderdome!

#148: Don't Tank My Stats Bro (w/ Kirzia Steele, Sean Hyatt, & Ryan O'Toole)

bleak 148 art.png

Bleak Week is upon us once again! In this episode, Matt tells a story about a character from his local bar and Kevin recounts his excusion to Joshua Tree. Then, comedian Kirzia Steele joins the show for the first time to chat all about her favorite appetizers and her trend-setting ways, as well as some financial advice for Matt! Plus, comedians Sean Hyatt and Ryan O'Toole return to the show to attempt a hastily cobbled together character segment in which the true nature of their friendship-beef is revealed. This episode is brought to you by EggFace Academy!

#147: Squeezin' Ooze & Takin' Names (w/ Michael Swaim)

bleak 147 art.png

Welcome back to another swell Bleak in Review! Matt and Kevin kick this episode off with a rousing discussion about shorts on stage and monsters in comedy. Then, comedian and podcast personality Michael Swaim joins the show to chat with the boys about his manly man's bachelor party, various toe problems, and fond remembrances of the Anarchist's Cookbook. Plus, a top secret operative from the Deep Dish State (code name: YAnon) bursts in and helps fill some time by telling Matt and Kevin all about life in international waters and his neverending hunt for shapeshifting sex criminals!

#146: Long John Henry Irons (w/ Nadav Fleisher & Joe Kaye)

Matt and Kevin welcome the listener to a brand new Bleak in Review with talk of Kevin's online justice and having to follow a vehicle at a comedy show. Then, comedian Nadav Fleisher returns to the show to lay down some truth about the film Rampage, admit to being negged by a psychology professor, and divulge the terrors of working in a presidential library. Then, news expert Joe Kaye stops by the studio to help catch the guys up on current events, including a story about an opera addict and a scientific breakthrough in the realm of alcoholism!

#145: Eat My Sauce (w/ Vanessa Gritton & Travis Clark)

bleak 145 art.png

Bleak in Review comes to you this week with a very spicy installment! Matt and Kevin kick things off with Kevin's informal review of The Meg and an update on Matt's health concerns. Then, comedians / Unpops alumni Vanessa Gritton and Travis Clark return to the show to detail a fascinatingly gross story about a hot and heavy food challenge Travis attempted. Plus, everyone's favorite quiz segment "Last Train to Scoville" finds the friends tasting brutal hot sauces while figuring out their lives according to Buzzfeed. This episode is brought to you by Uncle Billy's Child Farm!

#144: Camp Dysentery (w/ Lindsay Adams & Aaron Weaver)

bleak 144 art.png

Bleak is back, babayyy! The boys kick off this week's episode with banter about the fall of MoviePass and Kevin’s potential trichotillomania. Then, celestial comedians Lindsay Adams and Aaron Weaver join the show to chat with Matt and Kevin about running a comedy show in a crystal shop, things they wish they knew in high school, and how to properly take Robotussin. Plus, Lindsay and Aaron make a Taco Bell run, allowing Jacqueline, the coolest kid at camp, and Toby Robbins, chill motivational speaker, to stop by, spread some positive vibes, and reveal a handful of troubling truths about Jacqueline's summer camp. This episode is brought to you by I Do Comedy: Comedy Is What I Do streaming now on Comedy Channel!

#143: Muppet Boy Prostitution (w/ Justin Williams & Radostin Zahariev)

bleak 143 art.png

Bleak is back (to back) once more! This episode begins with Matt and Kevin discussing a weird comedian's views on being a "minority" and dehydration. Then, comedian Justin Williams returns to the show to roast Kevin and discuss his high and low points in Los Angeles leading up to his impending move across the country. Plus, comedian Radostin Zahariev stops by to air some grievances about Bleak's Bulgarian news correspondent of the same name as well as an infamous customer service job. This episode is brought to you by What Is This Thing Called Love!

#142: Bees of Burden (w/ Ian Ager & Joe Kaye)

bleak 142 art.png

Welcome back to Bleak in Spaaaaaace! This week, Matt and Kevin start a ProTools boycott and talk about the firing of James Gunn. Then, comedian Ian Ager returns to the show to dodge security questions, break down the longest amount of time he's gone without showering, and boast about his Eagle Scout accomplishments! Plus, a very extra bee named Bernard flies into the studio to set the record straight on bee terminology and promote his upcoming musical "Bees!" This episode is brought to you by Johnny Cash's Taco Bell.

#141: Nuke My Wife, Please! (w/ Leah Mansfield & Derrick Lemos)

bleak 141 art.png

Matt and Kevin are finally reunited on Bleak in Review this week to share tales of Matt's trip back east and Kevin's sweaty comedy show. Then, comedian Leah Mansfield stops by the studio to talk about her career as an overseer of nuclear weapons and predict what her last words might be! Plus, reverse-feminist Chad Ulysseus Clementine Kirk joins the show to share his semi-woke, mostly-misogynist Spartan philosophies on gender equality in America. ALSO: Kevin overpromises some weird things to the fans! This episode is brought to you by TripFlix.

#140: A Cesspool Story (w/ Liam McEneaney & Aubrey Jacobowitz)

bleak 140 art.png

Bleak in Review rounds out its trifecta of back to back recordings this week! The guys discuss the differences between cocaine and amphetamines in baseball as well as the failings of alt karaoke. Then, comedian Liam McEneaney joins the show to chat about youthful attempts at getting high and the issue with "themed" comedy shows, as well as help Kevin sort of understand Wall Street. Plus, millenial actress Aubrey Hepburn stops by the studio to share some hot Hollywood gossip and promote her upcoming multimedia projects! This episode is brought to you by It Wasn't Meat.

#139: Pretty Scary #Barz (w/ Adam Tod Brown & Kari Martin)

bleak 139 art.png

This week's Bleak begins with a delirious Kevin and regular Matt discussing tales of trash chute apathy. Then, comedians / podcast network pals Adam Tod Brown and Kari Martin join the show to chat about jazz killers, spelling bee foibles, and Adam's history with murder photographs. Then, thinly veiled character Rap Kari and her manager Rap Adam stop by the studio to create lyrical madness! This episode is ad free due to travel!

#138: Sad Dads in Space (w/ Dave Apkarian)

bleak 138 art.png

Bleak in Review comes to you from THE ROAD this week! Matt and Kevin kick off the episode by talking about a screaming weirdo they encountered and the state of mini tour of Clovis, CA. Then, central California comedy powerhouse Dave Apkarian joins the show to sort of spoil an old episode of Westworld, share some "Sad Dad Moments", and explain the beef between Fresno and Clovis. Plus, the guys get into a fun recap of semi-current events including the massive waste of time known as Space Force and the White House's staffing dilemmas!

#137: Pimp My Flamethrower (w/ Ed Greer & Klee Wiggins)

bleak 137 art.png

Bleak in Review returns to your podcast-holes once more! Matt and Kevin kick this episode off by discussing an alley performance and workshopping some ASMR. Then, Hollywood power couple Ed Greer and Klee Wiggins join the show to talk about failed bar rescues, the Nintendo Power Glove, and peculiar audiobook narrators. Plus, the crew gets into some "hot" current events and talk about what they would do with their "fuck you" money. This episode is brought to you by Winston Cigarettes!

#136: In Her Majesty's Secret Cervix (w/ Rivers Langley & Sameer Suri)

bleak 136 art.png

Matt and Kevin kick off this week's Bleak with a riveting discussion of birthday gaslighting and studio sleeping. Then, delightfully loquacious comedian Rivers Langley joins the show for the very first time to celebrate the magic of Fry's Electronics, talk about how he ended up announcing for an indie wrestling promotion, and recite some Shakespeare! Plus, Her Majesty herself, The Queen of England, returns to the studio for her hat trick appearance to review an Applebees and dish out some mean-spirited gossip about a certain royal wedding. This episode is brought to you by Bar Bopz!

#135: Nine Months in Broad (w/ Olivia Haidar & Theo Manhattan)

bleak 135 art.png

This week, Bleak begins with a listener-requested welfare check on announcer Wolfgang before Matt and Kevin launch into a discussion of movie shaming and drug-induced anxiety. Then, comedian Olivia Haidar returns to the show to chat with the fellas about Disneyland suicide, depressing documentaries, and the legacy of Starship Troopers. Plus, a world-renowned nameless impressionist drops by the studio to showcase his versatile repertoire of voices and lament his lack of bookings. This episode is brought to you by Gary & Gil's Gator Grill!