Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#149: Lifeguard Castration (w/ Katie Merriam & Sean White)

bleak 149 art.png

Matt and Kevin bring you a fresh installment of mirth this week with a medical check-up on Matt and Outback Steakhouse memories (not a sponsor). Then, comedian / world traveler Katie Merriam returns to the show to tell the guys about her recent trip to Vietnam, doing stand up in a foreign country, and the first time she realized that adults could be wrong. Plus, comedian Sean White stops by the studio for another installment of Three Sheets to the Wind, in which he tells a horrific pool-based story and rants about the current state of US politics. This episode is brought to you by Big Sal's Marital Aid Thunderdome!

#148: Don't Tank My Stats Bro (w/ Kirzia Steele, Sean Hyatt, & Ryan O'Toole)

bleak 148 art.png

Bleak Week is upon us once again! In this episode, Matt tells a story about a character from his local bar and Kevin recounts his excusion to Joshua Tree. Then, comedian Kirzia Steele joins the show for the first time to chat all about her favorite appetizers and her trend-setting ways, as well as some financial advice for Matt! Plus, comedians Sean Hyatt and Ryan O'Toole return to the show to attempt a hastily cobbled together character segment in which the true nature of their friendship-beef is revealed. This episode is brought to you by EggFace Academy!