Kevin Anderson

Comedian, writer, rapper, and good timin' fella.

#109: Who Wanks the Wankers? (w/ Emily Maya Mills & Whitney Melton)

bleak 109 art.png

The Bleak Boys return for another week of hot takes and no brakes! Matt and Kevin kick this episode off by chatting about post-Black Friday parking lot rage and Matt's mildly researched weekly fast. Then, the gang welcomes the very funny 'n talented Emily Maya Mills onto the 'cast to talk about the struggle of finding a "stage name", how she was raised to hate LA, and lay down the wisdom of road dog comics in a segment called Sorta Funny Comedy Shop Talk! Plus, aging British punk rock legend Nigel Bastard from The Bloody Wankers stops by the studio to talk about his curious childhood, his new solo record, and pitch some very exciting money-making opportunities!

#108: Leakin' Review (w/ Radostin Zahariev & Jorge Riverol)

bleak 108 art.png

Matt and Kitten welcome you to another episode of Bleak in Review! In this hot ep, the hostboys chat about the golden era of novelty gifts as well as their respective holiday trips. Then, edgy comedian extraordinaire Radostin Zahariev returns to the show to dish out some knowledge in a new segment called Five Facts with Raddy, make Kitten feel bad, and engage the group in some therapeutic role playing games. Plus, comedian / acid reflux expert Jorge Riverol stops by to share some intimate (and sometimes sexy) tales of bile and leakage with the gang and give health advice to the potentially afflicted youth out in the world. Drunk episode alert!

#107: Gush Limbaugh (w/ Cindy Aravena)

bleak 107 art.png

After a bit of a holiday delay (holi-delay?), Bleak is back in your earholes with more zany audio antics! Matt and Kevin talk about measuring time via Twitter-foibles, Matt's trip back home (complete with a local history lesson), and Kevin's trip to Las Vegas. Then, comedian / podcaster/ returning pal Cindy Aravena joins the show to share some stories about childhood treats that don't hold up, her own experiences in Las Vegas, a terrible man who attended her stand-up show, and Kevin's attempt at physical humor onstage. Plus, cattle rustler Colt stops by to chat about life on the range and meet up with his new drinking buddy, former-deathmatch-fighter-turned-aspiring-leg-model Gene Pantsman! The goofery is strong with this one, so strap in, dear listener!

#106: Just the Tips (w/ Dave Gregory & Danielle Soto)

bleak 106 art.png

Matt and Kevin are back for another janky intro! The boys start this episode off by discussing Matt's awkward moment with a celebrity and Kevin's musings on lobotomy. Then, comedian-actor-ex-Vine star Dave Gregory stops by the studio to talk about how his private parts ended up on a flyer, his triumph over diabetes, and the quasi-myth of the female poot. Plus, returning holiday expert Danielle Soto joins the show once more with a whole new bag of tips for avoiding awkward conversation and familial discontent during Turkey Day festivities!

#105: Paw & Order (w/ Ed Greer & Ron Swallow)

bleak 105 art.png

The Bleaky Blinders are back with a hot new ep!  Matt and Kevin kick things off by taking The Truth to task, as well as the uncomfortable nature of "corporate culture."  Then, comedians / podcast bros Ed Greer and Ron Swallow join the show to chat about the social progression of comic book writing, the many shapes and forms of misogyny, and their awesome podcast Nerd GOAT!  Plus, two lawyers from the firm of Felin & Canin stop by the studio to talk about their different approaches to pet-law, reminisce on some of their most famous cases, and occasionally have accents!

#104: Dark Side Daddies (w/ Michael Monsour & Lisa Chanoux)

bleak 104 art.png

Bleak in Review returns with more audible cornholing!  Matt and Kevin discuss Game Four of the World Series (no spoilers), as well as Matt's crippling hangover and Kevin's vastly different experiences at two shows in the same night.  Then, comedian, actor, and diehard Astros fan Michael Monsour joins the 'cast to chat with the guys about his recent decision to abstain from alcohol, times when they all got far too high, and to be paid to promote Kevin's open mic.  Plus, Hollywood screenwriter Rob Thomas stops by to distance himself from the other Rob Thomases, talk about some of his past and future projects, and verbally antagonize Michael!

#103: Pure Rat Cum (w/ Hana Michels & Erik Barnes)

bleak 103 art.png

The Bleak Boys are back and you know that can never be bad!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin reminisce about their trip to Jumbo's Clown Town and Kevin tells a story about a drunken heckler who attempted assault at his open mic. Then, returning champion Hana Michels sits down with the fellas to chat about being a comedian with therapist parents, her new Patreon for terrible men, and one time when a man's anger at her was pitched to Conan for some reason.  Plus, alternative insurance salesman Lawrence Phuckman stops by the studio to say nay to conventional insurance, pitch a myriad of very specific policies, and try to get Matt and Kevin to sign a lot of stuff with their blood!

#102: Bukowski Buck Hunter (w/ Kyle Chrise & Evan Kessler)

bleak 102 art.png

Bleak in Review returns with an embarrassing voicemail from Matt to Kevin, as well as a discussion of Matt's terrible sleep schedule and Kevin's internet outrage.  Then, comedian / musician Kyle Chrise stops by to chat about his soon-to-be-released comedy EP "Kyle Chrise is Fake News", his time spent creating said Fake News for a living, and being a musician-zombie in New York for many years.  Speaking of music, the world's ___ Rod Stewart impersonator Stod Rewart stops by the studio to chat with the guys about basing his career around a very specific era of Rod Stewart songs, the competitiveness of the musical impersonator scene, and an inappropriate child's costume that was recently taken off the market!  Innit?

#101: Endless Boner (w/ Joe Welkie & Lauren Rantala)

bleak 101 art.png

Matt and Kevin welcome the listener to another 100 episodes of Bleak In Review by chatting it up about blind people who binge content and a truly horrifying week in American news. Then, the guys sit down with comedian / memory maker Joe Welkie to chat about his current health problems, a recent chaotic baseball game they all attended, and, of course, Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room.  Plus, expert expert Lauren Rantala returns to the show to get into the optics of some insane news stories with the gang, including a plastic surgery gone horribly wrong, a controversial video game, and dumb stuff about guns!


#100: The 100th Episode Guestacular! (w/ Whitney Melton, Vanessa Gritton, Greg Gonzalez, Jorge Riverol, Kevin Noonan, Nadav Fleisher, & Cindy Aravena)

bleak 100 art.jpg

Holy Bleak, it's the 100th episode!  In this overbooked episode, Matt and Kevin sit down with guest cohost Whitney Melton to discuss the rise of the Bleak empire over the last 100 episodes, as well as the coming technological singularity and the disgusting chocolate wine that Whitney once again brought to the studio.  Then, a parade's worth of friends stops by: comedians Vanessa Gritton and Greg Gonzalez play a fun game from Vanessa's childhood, Richard Tracy Morgan phones in from a very scary location, Mexican tribute-comedian Gilberto Gohttfrido tells some probably offensive jokes, butler Archibald Fontaine hints at the demise of Kevin and Matt once more, and (hot celebrity name drop) Ursula the Sea Witch stops by to read some scenes from her new pilot.  Huzzah!

#099: Fear & Footwashing (w/ Andrew Polk & John-Michael Bond)

bleak 099 art.png

The Bleak Boys celebrate their 2 year anniversary by recording particularly early in the day!  They spin some yarns about the last 730 days of recording together, as well as chat about Matt's overwhelming workload and how Kevin saw the band Fastball play in a living room.  Then, the fellas invite comedian Andrew Polk onto the show to partake in some verbal goofs about a men vs. women comedy show he participated in, not getting the "sex talk" from his parents at a young age, and a dangerous situation that forced him to leave his last job.  Plus, Youth Pastor Roger Hawkins stops by to preach the good word, tell the boys about his methods of reaching young people, and the nature of his rather intense relationship with his wife!

#098: Ride the Train, Have Fun! (w/ Evan Kessler & Phil Gould)

bleak 098 art.png

Bleak in Review returns with some hot chatter from Matt and Kevin about Kevin's new jacket, Matt's broken car, and the possibility of a hat-related story!  Then, the boys have a chat with returning fan favorite Evan Kessler about his recent trip to New York, whether or not kids would find Monty Python funny anymore, and some hot Waffle House current events!  Plus, quirky barker from Universal Studios: Hollywood, Patroclus "Pete" Jackson stops by the studio to promote some upcoming live shows at the theme park, reveal a traumatic head injury, and insist upon a good time for all.  HAVE FUN!


#097: The Good Ghostses (w/ Josh Greenberg & Olivia Haidar)

bleak 097 art.png

In this episode of Bleak in Review, Matt and Kevin get down on some good ol' fashioned grammar talk before Matt drops some hot celebrity gossip and Kevin reveals a deep seated fear.  Then, comedian / TV writer extraordinaire Josh Greenberg joins the 'cast to chat with the boys about his big break writing for Coaches, some of his most ominous experiences with bullies, and taking to the skies in a biplane!  These three also get into some current events regarding famed international diplomat Dennis Rodman.  Plus, controversial children's book author Timothy Tallorico stops by the promote his new book, explain why some people are taking issue with the messages contained within, and vaguely endorse genocide!

#096: Matt and Kevin's Excellent Adventure

bleak 096 art.png

Matt and Kevin return for an extended one on one episode of Bleak in Review!  The boys recount their recent road trip to Arizona with stories of their triumphs, failures, and the various strange folk they encountered!  They also unintentionally disprove the myth of reverse-racism.  Plus, they talk a little bit about the giant LA fires they encountered upon returning to their city and the president's terrible handling of Hurricane Harvey.  Get ready for an extended dose of the Bleak Boys!

#095: Marlin Waves (w/ Sean Hyatt, Ryan O'Toole, & Tommy Bowe)

bleak 095 art.png

The Bleak Boys return to your earholes with an exciting new ad-read for a totally real sponsor, as well as chatter about Matt's stand-up revelations and Kevin's fear of crowded bars.  Then, the guys invite comedian Sean Hyatt onto the show to discuss the revolution of ASMR videos, their favorite crimes that they've all witnessed, and the nature of sketchy ice cream trucks.  Plus, returning guest / social media manager for Bleak in Review Trent Larson stops by along with big-shot Hollywood producer Jet Karmolomew to update the guys on what he's been up to before the two launch into a full-scale redesign of the podcast!  Is there a shocking revelation about Trent's past in this episode?  TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

#094: General Hate (w/ Ian Russo & Radostin Zahariev)

bleak 094 art.png

Matt and Kevin return once again to rock the podcasting world with fascinating chatter about the burden of small talk, info-porn, and good ol' American hate groups.  Then, comedian and noteworthy background actor Ian Russo joins the boys on the cast to chat it up about some of his best and worst gigs, the illusion that people can make it in Hollywood, and the trickery of the "bringer" show.  Plus, trusty Bulgarian news correspondent Radostin Zahariev conferences in with the guys to nerd out over Ian's acting resume, explain why his press license had been revoked, and tell the guys all about his new, suspicious career in Canada!

#093: Love in the Time of Heartworm (w/ Ken Cosby & Brian Cox)

Welcome back to Dogthrob in Review!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin give a shout out to a very special ex-listener, Kevin talks about a show where he performed for a weird bus of children, and Matt goes HARD on the alt-right.  Then, comedian / man of the theater Ken Cosby drops by the studio to talk with the guys about hacky "My Wife" comedians, sex positivity in comedy, and how the black community might be able to solve the neo-nazi crisis.  Plus, 2017 Beer Pong Championships: Furry Division winner Chad Dogthrob joins the show to teach the guys about separating his specific animal preferences from his family name, tell the origin story of his sexual awakening, and maybe learn a thing or two about himself along the way!

#092: Almost Fascinating! (w/ Jessica Singer & Alex Mandelberg)

The Bleak Boys return hot on the heels of recording someone else's podcast to bring you another one of theirs!  In this episode, Matt and Kevin lament in their mutual exhaustion, Kevin tells a story about how he failed to thwart a robbery, and Matt reveals why he's bad at job interviews.  Then, comedian Jessica Singer returns to the podcast to catch up with the guys about her employment situation since Kevin got her fired, her recent trip to Washington with a new BF, and all things Wahlberg!  Plus, infamous rabbi / magician Rabbi Magic Things stops by the studio to talk about his peculiar double-threat profession, a medical anomaly that occurred during his youth in Russia, and explains some of his classic drunken Jewish magic tricks!

#091: The Moose Butler (w/ Katrina Davis & Nadav Fleisher)

Matt and Kevin return for another "talkie"!  In this episode, the guys chat it up about a confusing Facebook review, Matt's recent good spirits, and a mutual friend who decided to eat a hat.  Then, comedian Katrina Davis stops by to riff with the gang about the world's actual best Uber driver, Jacksonville's interesting pastimes, and the varying degrees of dumb sexism within stand up comedy.  Plus, Matt and Kevin get a surprise visit from their families' joint butler, Archibald Fontaine!  Archie delivers some terrible news to the guys regarding a train "accident," waxes nostalgically on his extremely odd history as a butler, and brews some curious tea.  Intrigue abound!

#090: Give Peas a Chance (w/ Greg Gonzalez & Theo Manhattan)

Matt and Kevin open this week's episode by discussing Kevin's long lost twin, a shitty set Matt had, and Kevin's pleasant encounter with a grizzled barfly. Then, comedian / co-host of the LA Meekly podcast Greg Gonzalez stops by to chat with the guys about moving out of town to attend online college, the ups and downs of doing a live podcast, and some of his favorite LA facts! Plus, the boys get an extra special treat as famed musician John Lennon hops into the studio to dish about the afterlife he experienced after being assassinated, how he spends his days since being reincarnated as a carrot, and to bust out his SOLID Yoko impression. Peas and love!